Review SunSDR2 PRO & DX - User Experience

Review SunSDR2 PRO & DX - The user experience - March 2020


Last year (2019) in Friedrichshafen, I had the honor and pleasure to meet the guys of Expert Electronics, the perfect opportunity to pick-up my new SunSDR2 Pro. The team of Expert Electronics is fantastic, they are very kind and really competent.

Many other reviews have been written on the SunSDR2, describing esthetic and features of the product, but I want to concentrate my review on what has not been said and that  make  the SunSDR2 a different SDR products from the others and Expert Electronics a different manufacturer.

I will review not only the SunSDR2 Pro but also her big sister, the “full power” model SunSDR2 DX.
During this month Mr. Dino Tersigni of “Ham Radio Shop”, the Italian reseller of Expert Electronics products, was so kind to send me a brand new SunSDR2 DX for my shack. Therefore, in the final part I will also add some words also on the new SunSDR2 DX and the differences between the two models.

If you would like to read the rest of the review, just download the PDF Document here :
Review of the SunSDR2 Pro and SunSDR2 DX - V6-Final - IW2NOY [PDF 2.243 Kb]

Italian Reseller is HamRadioShop :


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